Thursday, October 1, 2009


Q: What is the cost of not having a bike light, or improper lighting?

A: $80.25

Local ordinances (est 1972) requires that bicycles to have a white light on the front and a red light or reflector on the back when out at night. Both must be visible at least from 300 feet.

And, The Man is enforcing the law. The Fairfield PD has felt pressure from above to follow through for the safety of riders and motorists alike. Quite frankly, I understand that the motivation is not common sense. Rather, the common denominator is money.

A cyclist can have any type of white head light; from a flash light that is duct taped to the handle-bars through a range of higher priced bike light systems. It is highly recommended for the rear, red tail-light to have one of the best and brightest - the Super Flash.

Based on experience and what some of the seasoned cyclist's use is the PlanetBike SuperFlash. No. This is not a shameless plug for the LBS - AJ's Bike Shop. Check out the specs. at;
Super Flash

It's that time of year and for a small investment in a quality rear tail light, this can be viewed as part of ones pro-active, health-care package.

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