Saturday, December 13, 2008


The purpose of this blogspot is to serve bicyclists that are new to Fairfield, or cycling, as a user driven forum. Dare I use the "F" word that biking can be "Fun" when done in groups, large or small. After completing five RAGBRAI's - ego - I have realized how the mileage and time passes with ease while biking with others. Yes. Fun times indeed. It may be a rainy or windy day, but a joyful attitude towards such an endeavor eases any minor discomfort.

Observe the rules of the road, and use common sense. It has been my experience that a majority of vehicles driven in the area give plenty of leeway to cyclists. Pay that courtesy forward.
And, for godsakes, wear a helmet.

The route links to your right, should be a useful tool. Longer distances "roadie routes," is a WIP (work in progress). Currently, it has southwestern routes plotted.

btw, this is avolunteer project. So, before you ask for a refund on the time spent here - relax. Add to the solution. Go on!

~ my work is done. let the criticism begin. ~

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